On Set Welfare are the world leading experts in psychological health and safety for TV & Film. Whatever the level of need on your production, we'll work with you to identify the risks and put in place appropriate safeguarding and support - helping you to ensure the wellbeing of your staff, cast and crew.


On Set & On Location Support

We provide on set and on location Welfare Officers, Intimacy Co-ordinators and Wellbeing Facilitators to support your staff, cast and crew during production runs.

TV Format and Script Consultancy

Our specialist media psychologists can advise you on character development, psychological safety for actors and contributors, and how to manage risk surrounding sensitive themes and scenes.

On Set Welfare - Psychologists Doctors and Paramedics for TV & Film

Policy Advice and Compliance

We can review your existing policies around stress and mental health and help you update them in line with Ofcom and other industry regulations.

Psych Tests

We can carry out a wide range of Psychological Risk Assessments suited to your production needs. Our highly experienced assessment team will advise you on how to keep people psychologically safe and well on your productions.

Aftercare & Therapy Services

Our therapy team can provide psychotherapeutic aftercare and support to public figures, or contributors following involvement in a productions, and also support with press junkets and publicity stress.

I know that our team perform much better and are more creative when their mental health and wellbeing is being properly supported, and now I know that we're in safe hands! Thank you so much!
Executive Producer
Academy Award Winning Production Company
Clinical Psychologist Media TV Show Fitness for inclusion duty of care


If you’re casting for a factual entertainment production, in addition to considering your contributors’ physical safety and wellbeing, we strongly advise you to ensure they are comprehensively assessed for risks to their psychological health, safety and future wellbeing. 

A Psychological Risk Assessment involves first of all establishing the risks which are inherent within the production, and the impact its likely to have on their life both during the making of the production, and following their participation. Then the individual needs to be assessed by a qualified professional in order to advise you on how you can best keep the individual psychological safe. 


If you’re in production on a scripted TV series or film, our welfare services can help you ensure you have appropriately trained Welfare Officers available to support your production staff, cast and crew throughout filming.  Our qualified Welfare Officers work on location and carry out regular pro-active welfare monitoring and inventories, and also provide support when it is most needed. 

We can also provide fully adapted welfare trailers (which we affectionately call our Welfare Wagons!) so there is always a suitable space available for confidential counselling to take place, highly confidential note taking and meetings, medical examinations and other wellbeing consultations which can all be taken care of in privacy even on the busiest Unit Base.

aftercare psychologist for TV show - Duty of Care
Having a Welfare Officer actually available on set was amazing. It really felt like there was someone there supporting our cast and crew with the day-to-day stresses of a busy production. The On Set Welfare team pro-actively monitored all the basics too, letting us know if there were insufficient refreshments available on location, and even noting the condition of the loos! It was so reassuring to have them there knowing that they were also properly trained and confidential when it came to mental health needs too.
Line Producer
Award winning production company