Personality Tests

If you are developing an idea for a new TV format, or if you are currently in pre-production, a full psychological analysis and risk assessment on your planned format can be invaluable when it comes to highlighting any potential psychological risks to your cast and/or crew.

We can also provide advice on the behavioural implications of key format points and consult on the social and communications dynamics inherent in your idea or planned production which helps to predict how certain format points and activities will impact upon emotions and behaviour.

Personality Testing

For shows where the relational dynamics of your cast are key, for example on a residential reality TV show, we can also conduct personality tests and other types of psychometric assessments.

We can assess key traits, such as mental toughness for example, and carry out ‘relational style’ assessments which tell us how people typically respond to other people and how they tend to relate to others with various relational styles. This can be especially useful when predicting whether two individuals will likely get along, or whether they might clash.

Psychometric testing can provide a whole range of insightful information about an individual which you can use in your casting decisions. Our psychometric reports are written with producers and TV/Film personnel in mind and we adapt the sometimes complicated jargon which psychologists might be familiar with, to make them easy to understand, digest and use when making key casting decisions.

Personality tests and other forms of psychometric test, can help to illuminate aspects of a person’s character and likely behaviour in a way that is not possible from a consultation alone and which might otherwise not be visible on the surface. A production team can then make informed predictions on how different personalities and characters will likely relate with one another, and respond to key tasks, based on grounded psychological science.

If you would like to discuss how we can use Psychometric Testing with your contributors and which type of test/s would be most useful for your particular format or casting needs, contact us.