How We Began

Honey Langcaster-James Psychologist Fitness for Inclusion Duty of Care
Honey Langcaster-James CPsychol, Chartered Psychologist, Founder & Director of Services at On Set Welfare.

On Set Welfare was established in 2018 by renowned Chartered Psychologist Honey Langcaster-James BSc MSc PG Dip PPABP CPsychol following a fifteen year career working in the TV & Film industries. As Director of Services at On Set Welfare, Honey specialises in the provision of psychological services to the entertainment industry and is often the first point of contact to our clients. She advises them on exactly which type of Psychological service and, crucially, who is best qualified for each particular service and who is best to provide those services at each stage of a particular production.

About Our Founder

Honey Langcaster-James BSc MSc PG Dip PPABP CPsychol is a renowned expert in Media Psychology and a Chartered Psychologist with the British Psychological Society. She is one of the best known Psychologists in the UK due to her work both on-screen and behind-the-scenes in the media. She is regularly consulted in the national and international media on the topic of psychological welfare for contributors on TV & Film productions.

“I founded On Set Welfare in 2018 in order to improve the provision of psychological welfare to TV show contributors and so we could offer more coordinated and better-staffed services to production companies and broadcasters. As an independent consultant Psychologist, I have provided consultancy to the entertainment industry for many years, and also to the UK Government and many other multi-national organisations. Now, along with a great team of pre-vetted and relevantly qualified professionals we can take psychological welfare for TV and Film contributors to the next level. No one should be at risk of psychological injury or ill health as a result of their choice to appear in a TV or film production in my opinion, and I started this company to help ensure that that simply does not happen. Not on our watch anyway!”

Honey Langcaster-James, Chartered Psychologist & Founder at On Set Welfare

Our Founder’s Professional Experience and Credentials

Honey Langcaster-James’ career in the media industry began when she was asked to be a resident psychologist on two early seasons of Channel 4’s ‘Big Brother’, providing consultancy and advice to production executives and appearing on-screen on what was then the weekly ‘Psychology Show’.

Following her time working for Endemol at Elstree Studios on this pioneering reality show, she then went to work for ITV as the Resident Psychologist on one of the earliest series of ‘Love Island’. This was during the show’s first incarnation as a ‘celebrity’ based reality TV show format. Her role involved conducting Psychological Risk Assessments for contributors during the casting process, and then travelling to Fiji for an 8-week residency as the On Set Psychologist on-location on the show.

Over the years she has worked on many other shows and most recently, in her role as Director of Services at On Set Welfare, she provided on-set counselling and support, and on-screen psychological consultancy, on Channel 4’s latest reality show format ‘The Circle’. This was a social media inspired TV format which reflects the more recent cultural developments in our world which is now increasingly dominated by social media.  

Honey Langcaster-James has also provided psychological services and acted as an advisor to the UK Government on a number of occasions now. Most recently she provided the psychological welfare services on two media productions which were commissioned by the UK Government as part of the recent ‘#KnifeFree’ campaign launched by the Home Office. This role involved conducting pre-screening contributor assessments and providing aftercare services to members of the public who were taking part in these high-risk media productions. She was also a Consultant Psychologist for the UK Government’s ‘Cyber Aware’ behavioural change campaign which was launched by the Home Office to encourage the public to adopt more secure online behaviours.

Qualifications and certifications include a Bachelor of Science Degree in Cognitive Science with First Class Honours, a Master of Science Degree in Work and Organisational Psychology with Distinction, A Post-Graduate Diploma in Personal and Corporate Coaching, three years vocational training in Integrative Psychotherapy and also further training in Counselling, Psychometric and Occupational Testing, Emotional Intelligence and Psychological Resilience. As a Chartered member of the British Psychological Society Honey Langcaster-James is bound by the rules and regulations of the Society and hence, never practices in any area beyond her professional expertise or competence.

At On Set welfare, we work with your production team to establish exactly who is the right professional for every stage of your production, and we work together as a team to supply the right consultant for each task in hand and hence, we believe that we provide the gold standard in psychological welfare services for the TV & Film industries.