On Set Welfare provide psychological services to the TV and Film industries. We carry out full risk assessments on TV formats and scripts to identify key format points or moments in your production that could result in stress or even psychological harm to your cast and crew. We also provide the full range of psychological services needed to properly safeguard the welfare of everyone involved in your production. Perhaps you are making a Reality TV show? We can advise you on what you would need at every stage in production, and fully staff your welfare needs. Whether you need a Clinical Psychologist to conduct a clinical ‘fitness for inclusion’ assessment, a specialist Media or workplace Psychologist to work with your cast and crew on location, or a programme of aftercare for previous participants in your production, contact us to discuss how we can help.

Meet Our Core Team

Honey Langcaster-James BSc (Hons), MSc, PG Dip, PPABP, CPsychol

Founder & Director of Services

Honey Langcaster-James BSc (Hons) MSc PG Dip PPABP CPsychol is a Consultant Media Psychologist, a Chartered Academic Psychologist and Fellow of Healthcare Improvement Leadership at NHIR ARC NWL: Imperial College London, where she leads cutting edge research in TV Contributor Welfare. Honey is an internationally recognised expert in the psychological welfare of contributors to factual entertainment programmes. She has consulted for and advised all the major UK terrestrial channels, a number of U.S. networks, broadcast regulator Ofcom and the UK Government. She has also advised The British Psychological Society Media & Ethics Committees, Sky, Netflix, Virgin Media, Disney, Warner Brothers, Universal Pictures and 20th Century Fox, and regularly advises the BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Channel 5 and other multi-national media organisations. Her professional opinion on the welfare of reality TV show participants in particular, has been featured in many UK and international news outlets, including BBC Worldwide, CNN, NBC, CBC & Sky News and newspapers including The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Guardian, The Times, The Telegraph and many other publications around the world.

As Director of Services at On Set Welfare, Honey is responsible for overseeing the needs of the various productions we work with. This means she is often the first point of contact for our new clients and any clients managing crisis situations. She advises producers, production managers and commissioners on the services that they need to put in place in order to properly safeguard their contributors. She is highly experienced in designing and completing Psychological Risk Assessments, psychological health & wellbeing screening consultations and compiling assessment reports. She also provides psychological consultancy, format point advice and psychotherapeutic/counselling support for production companies, working with contributors and crew, both during and following the filming of TV and film productions.

Honey has a Bachelor of Science degree in Cognitive Science (1st Class Honours), a Post-Graduate Master of Science degree in Work & Organisational Psychology (Distinction) and a Post-Graduate Diploma in Personal & Corporate Coaching. She passed her qualifying examinations at The British Psychological Society with a rarely awarded Commendation from the Examiners and also undertook a further three years of Post-Graduate vocational training in Integrative Psychotherapy (Scarborough Counselling & Psychotherapy Training Institute). She holds a British Psychological Society Level A Certificate in Occupational Testing and is also a Certified Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming. Before founding On Set Welfare, she had a thirteen-year career as an Academic and Lecturer in Media Psychology at two UK Universities. Honey is a Chartered Academic Psychologist with The British Psychological Society, registration number 388087.

Professor Dr Rowan Myron

Professor Rowan Myron MA (Hons), PhD, PgDip MS, HEA Senior Fellow, CPsychol

Head of Contributor Healthcare Improvement

Professor Rowan Myron MA (Hons), PhD, PgDip MS, HEA Associate Fellow, CPsychol is a Consultant Psychologist, Chartered Academic Psychologist and Associate Professor of Healthcare Improvement Science at the University of West London and Imperial College. At On Set Welfare, Rowan is responsible for quality improvement, research and development, and she champions our health and welfare service provisions in order to ensure that On Set Welfare continues to provide the absolute gold standard in TV contributor welfare.

Rowan has a long career as a researcher and manager in the field of healthcare improvement and social science. She has particular expertise in the areas of psychology, attachment, bullying, improvement science and knowledge implementation in healthcare. She has wide-ranging experience in leading research and education programmes; with specialist knowledge in change theories, improvement methodologies and implementation in healthcare. She has been published extensively both nationally and internationally and, as well as many years Lecturing in Psychology at prestigious UK Universities, she has also worked in the Charity sector with service users at the Mental Health Foundation. Rowan also led a hybrid programme supporting frontline NHS staff to make changes and improve services. She retains her roles in the NHS and academia, at Imperial College, University of West London and Chelsea and Westminster NHS Trust.

Rowan has a Master of Arts degree in Psychology (1st Class Honors), a PhD in Developmental Psychology, a Post-Graduate Diploma in Management Studies. She is a Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy and has also undertaken Post-Graduate vocational training in coaching and mentoring. She is also a trained facilitator in the Myers Briggs Type indicator (MBTI) personality assessment inventory and leads our personality assessments with TV & Film contributors. Rowan has been working and teaching in Psychology for the last 20 years and she has worked in the NHS with Imperial College and University of West London to build capacity in improvement, change management and leadership. As Head of Contributor Healthcare Improvement at On Set Welfare, she is currently working with our Director of Services to design and implement what is believed to be the world’s first rigorous academic training programme in TV & Film Contributor Welfare, a Post-Graduate Diploma in TV Contributor Welfare. Rowan is a Chartered Academic Psychologist with The British Psychological Society.

Dr Frances Burbidge BSc (Hons), ClinPsyD, PCAP, HEA (fellow)

Head of Clinical Psychology

Dr Frances Burbidge BSc (Hons), ClinPsyD, PCAP, HEA (fellow) is a Consultant Clinical Psychologist and a renowned specialist in Suicide Risk and Prevention. She is Head of Clinical Psychology at On Set Welfare and a Lecturer in Clinical Psychology at a prestigious UK University.  Fran oversees our clinical service provision for TV and Film production companies and Reality TV contributors. She specialises in suicide risk and prevention, the provision of Psychological Health Checks, Psychological Risk Assessments, Clinical Psychology Reviews and Clinical Psychology Assessments. She also conducts Psychometric Testing and supports our On-Set and On Location Psychotherapeutic Support team.

As a clinical psychologist, Fran’s practice to date has been focused on providing psychological assessments, detailed formulations and treatments to adults with a range of clinical psychological conditions. Her career to date has had a particular focus on working with the most severe and complex mental health difficulties in a variety of inpatient and outpatient settings (in both the statutory NHS and independent mental health sectors). She has an interest in positive preventative public health approaches to mental health, which is currently being explored in an academic setting. She is also currently working on developing service models and protocols to reduce suicide in people presenting in mental health crisis and has had notable success in reducing suicide risk across particular UK regions.

Since qualifying as a Clinical Psychologist, Fran has completed various post-qualification trainings in different therapeutic modalities, and is qualified in psychometric testing and academic practice. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree (completed in 2004) and a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology (completed in 2007). She is registered as a Practitioner Psychologist (Clinical Psychologist) with the Health and Care Professions Council (Registration number PYL24119).

Dr Kate Mason

Dr Kate Mason BSc (Hons), DClinPsy, CPsychol

Head of Child & Adolescent Psychology

Dr Kate Mason BSc (Hons), DClinPsy, is a Clinical Psychologist and specialist in Child and Adolescent Psychology. She is also a licensed provider of Mental Health First Aid Training (MHFA England). She is Head of Child and Adolescent Psychology at On Set Welfare which means that, working alongside our Director of Services, she is responsible for overseeing our work with children and young people on our productions. She also provides specialist training courses which we have devised specifically for production companies and crew members which focus on Mental Health First Aid and Working with Young People in TV & Film.

Kate has over 16 years of experience working for both the NHS and in private practice as a Clinical Psychologist. Her clinical work has particularly focused on providing psychological assessments, formulations and treatments to adults and young people with severe and complex mental health difficulties in both inpatient and outpatient settings. She also provides training and workshops in mental health and has developed an interest in preventative outdoor programs to support young people with the development of resilience, self-esteem and positive growth mindset. She has a particular interest in providing specific training for TV and Film Production Companies in the psychological welfare of contributors and crew.

Kate completed her Bachelor of Science degree in 2002, and her Doctorate of Clinical Psychologyin 2009. She is registered as a Practitioner Psychologist (Clinical Psychologist) with the Health and Care Professions Council (Registration number PYL24973). She has also completed post qualification training in a number of different therapeutic modalities, psychometric testing and academic practice and is a qualified Mental Health First Aid England Instructor. She is a Chartered Clinical Psychologist with the British Psychological Society.

Dr Sarah Appleton

Dr Sarah Appleton BSc (Hons), DClinPsych, CPsychol

Clinical Psychologist

Dr Sarah Appleton BSc (Hons) DClinPsych CPsychol is a Clinical and Chartered Psychologist with experience of working across the lifespan with clients experiencing a range of mental health needs. She is a Fellow of Healthcare Improvement Leadership at NIHR ARC NWL; Imperial College London, where she is currently leading research into Obesity and conducting a multi-site trial and evaluation of a Compassion Focused Therapy Group for individuals with Obesity. At On Set Welfare, Sarah supports our Psychological Risk Assessment team and our specialist Clinical Psychology team helping to assess risk and make recommendations for our TV production contributors. She is also our specialist advisor whenever psychological cases involve a focus on eating behaviours, or where weight management or obesity may be a particular concern due to her extensive experience in this field.

Sarah has conducted research into Obesity and Weight Management and also Nutrition and Behaviour at both The University of Oxford and The University of Bristol. Additionally, she has worked in weight management services (Tier 3 & Tier 4) across the UK and spent time working and practicing in the state of Florida and across the USA. Sarah is a leading member of The British Psychological Society Obesity Specialist Interest Group and she has been involved in shaping psychological guidelines surrounding Obesity and Weight Management in the UK, conducting scoping exercises to evaluate current psychological provision in Tier 3 and Tier 4 NHS services. She has developed programmes which aim to help improve access to, and standardize, the psychological care provided within these particular services.

In addition to her role at On Set Welfare, Sarah is currently a Clinical Psychologist and Research Lead in a Tier 3 Specialist Weight Management Service in London, and also operates a busy private practice for individuals experiencing difficulties with their general mental health.

Sarah has a Bachelor of Science degree in Experimental Psychology (1st Class Honours) from the University of Bristol and completed her Doctorate in Clinical Psychology at The University of Oxford. 

Dr Peter Burbidge BSc (Hons), Clin.Psy.D., PG.Cert.DBT, C.Psychol, AFBPsS

Consultant Clinical Psychologist

Dr Peter Burbidge BSc (Hons), Clin.Psy.D., PG. Cert. DBT, C.Psychol, AFBPsS. Is a Consultant Clinical Psychologist and trained Dialectical Behaviour (DBT) Therapist. As well as a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology, he also has a Post Graduate Certificate in DBT. He is also a qualified user of the Diagnostic Interview for Social Communication Disorders (DISCO). The DISCO is a comprehensive diagnostic tool for diagnosing conditions which might prevent someone from adequately being able to provide informed consent to take part in a TV or Film Production, for example, Autism, Asperger’s syndrome and other Pervasive Developmental Disorders. Pete is a Chartered Psychologist and an Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society – Registration No 158707. He is also registered with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) Registration No PYL03125.

Pete has 12 years post-qualification experience. He has worked in a Low Secure Hospital for people with Learning Disabilities and complex mental health problems. These included psychosis, autism and personality disorders. He has worked on a consultancy basis in specialist residential homes for adults with autism, learning disabilities and Prader Willi Syndrome. He has also worked for The Recovery and Psychological Interventions Team, which was part of the Community Mental Service. Here he specialised in working with people with Emotionally Unstable Personality Disorder (EUPD). He is currently the Head of Psychology for a large residential provider which specialises in working with those with a Personality Disorder and he leads the therapy team in the Specialist Residential Treatment Service for adults with EUPD. Pete is an Associate Consultant Clinical Psychologist at On Set Welfare and he works with any of our contributors who would benefit from his particular specialisms.

Dr Leila Allin-Dirir MBChb, DFSRH, MRCGP – General Practitioner

Head of Medical Services

Dr Leila Allin-Dirir MBChB, DFSRH, MRCGP is a General Practitioner based between the North West and London and she leads our medical provisions for TV & Film productions. She is able to carry out Medical Risk Assessments for contributors wishing to embark upon a production, and can also offer consultations to address any medical needs (physical and mental health) prior to filming and throughout a production run.

Dr Leila is an experienced NHS GP with a wide range of clinical skills covering all specialties, She can also offer medical advice and educate crew where necessary on most conditions, in order that a production company and/or channel can properly accommodate contributors and safeguard them, even if they have existing medical conditions or health concerns.

Prior to her work in the media and entertainment industries, Dr Leila worked as a military GP where she gained experience in occupational health and military medicine. She also spent many years working in the Urgent Care hospital setting. During the Pandemic she has also worked on the front lines in a community Covid assessment unit as well as in the acute care setting.

Dr Leila is registered with the General Medical Council (GMC) and is on the GP performers list, enabling her to work as a GP anywhere in the UK. She is known for her particularly personable ‘bedside manner’ and her friendly and approachable communication skills.

Wayne Malcolm

Executive & Personal Coach & Special Advisor on Diversity

Wayne Malcolm is a leading coach, mentor, master motivator and a former special advisor to the Mayor of London (now Prime Minister) and David Cameron on complex issues relating to diversity, gang culture, and rioting. At On Set Welfare Wayne takes the lead on all matters relating to diversity. He trains and advises both our own in-house team and he is also available to provide training and advice to our production company clients wherever his specialist knowledge may be of particular value.

Wayne is available to act as a personal Coach and Mentor to any of our contributors who may benefit from his ongoing assistance and guidance, and he has particular experience working with young artists of African or Afro-Caribbean heritage. Wayne draws on his wealth of experience as a renowned Christian leader (he is also the Bishop of a large London based community church) but he works with people of all denomination and none. His experiences as an international conference speaker and his specialism in the personal development industry and as a recording artist himself, mean that he has numerous connections within the music and entertainment industries. He has also authored over 25 books on self-development.

On a personal level, Wayne is a social activist, having lead numerous campaigns for social and economic justice. He sits on a number of committees and forums designed to represent disenfranchised communities and he is a sought-after speaker at public rallies and on high-profile campaigns. Through his work with us in the mass media, his influence has the potential to reach a diverse and wide-reaching audience and his work aims to help widen diversity across the Television industry both behind-the-scenes and also on-screen.