Psych Tests

Fitness for Inclusion - Psychological Risk Assessment - Duty of Care

If you are casting a factual entertainment production, your contributors will likely need some sort of assessment during the casting process. We can advise on what type of assessment your contributor needs, and carry out psychological risk assessments and fitness for inclusion assessments. All our services are overseen by Chartered Psychologists with the British Psychological Society.

Commonly known as ‘Psych Tests’ or ‘Psych Chats’ in the TV industry, there are actually a range of different tests and types of assessments. It very much depends on your TV format as to which type of test your contributors require. We recommend that all your contributors undergo a basic Psychological Risk Assessment and those who are identified as vulnerable or potentially at risk would then be given a further clinical assessment to assess their fitness for inclusion in the production. Every production we work with is assigned a Principal Consultant, a specialist in media psychology, who will review your TV format and advise you on which type of assessment (and hence which type of professional) your contributors require.

We can then arrange the assessments that your contributors need through our team of appropriately qualified and pre-vetted consultants. Please note, we ONLY use Chartered Psychologists for our assessments, and ONLY Clinical Psychologists for clinical fitness assessments.

Contact us now for advice on your format and which type of assessment your contributors need.